TOPIC: Benchmark – Faith-Based Organization Case Study

A faith-based organization (FBO) is an organization that has a faith or religious component as its foundation and motivation for its work. The purpose of this assignment is to assess a faith-based organization and understand how it is unique. Faith-based organizations play an important role in global health given their holistic approach to serving the whole person and community, especially among vulnerable groups. Identify an example of a faith-based global health organization or ministry.

Research the institution by reviewing annual reports, websites, papers, program documents, or conducting in-person or phone interviews. The organization should be at least 5 years old, work in multiple countries, and have an explicit faith-based foundation.

Write a 1,000-1,250-word case study on the selected organization in which you assess the following aspects of the organization:


Assess how the mission of the organization aligns with its strategies and work.

  1. How does the mission of the organization match its strategies and activities in serving vulnerable or low-income populations?
  2. How does the organization integrate faith into its public health activities and programs? Comment on how the organization balances its mission to share its faith with its goal to improve health.
  3. Are the values of the organization unique compared to other global health organizations?


Assess the populations served by the organization or ministry.

  1. How does the organization or ministry identify a population or individuals to serve?
  2. Does the organization have specific eligibility criteria?

Funding Mechanism 

Assess the funding mechanism of the organization.

  1. What are the primary sources of support for the organization?
  2. Do the local populations being served by the organization help support the organization (time, talents, or treasure)?


Assess the partnerships of the organization within public health to develop innovative and appropriate public health models.

  1. How does the organization work or partner with other organizations, churches, or groups in the communities where the organization works?
  2. Does the organization partner with governmental public health agencies?
  3. How could the organization improve the effectiveness of its “aid” and support in the communities within which it works?

General Requirements

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.


Read Chapters 3 and 10 in For the Love of God: Principles and Practice of Compassion in Missions.

Read “Evaluating the Strength of Faith: Potential Comparative Advantages of Faith-Based Organizations Providing Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa,” by Lipsky from Public Administration and Development (2011). URL:

Read “Measuring the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of Young Children in Resource-Limited Settings: A Review of the Existing Measures,” by Paltzer, Barker, and Witt, from Quality of Life Journal (2013). URL:

Read “On Understanding Orphan Statistics,” located on the Christian Alliance for Orphans website. URL:

Read “The Malawi Development Assessment Tool (MDAT): The Creation, Validation, and Reliability of a Tool to Assess Child Development in Rural African Settings,” by Gladstone, Lancaster, Umar, Nyirenda, Kayira, ven den Broek, and Smyth, from PLOS Medicine (2010). URL:

Read “Every Child Alive: The Urgent Need to End Newborn Deaths,” by Devine and Taylor (2018), located on the UNICEF website. URL:

Review the website for the Journal of Global Health (JoGH) collection covering maternal, neonatal and child health, Engaging Communities for Improving Mothers’ and Children’s Health: Reviewing the Evidence of Effectiveness in Resource-Constrained Settings, edited by Perry(2017). Download and read the following selection: “Comprehensive Review of the Evidence Regarding the Effectiveness of Community Based Primary Health Care in Improving Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health: 6. Strategies Used by Effective Projects” by Perry et al. URL:

Explore the Millions Saved page of the Center for Global Development website. URL:

Explore the Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) website. URL:

Explore the Early Child Development page of the World Health Organization (WHO) website. URL:

Explore the UNICEF website.URL: