Module Assignment: Clinical Decision Support SystemsLearning Outcomes:

  1. Identify trends in nursing that impact the use of Informatics.
  2. Explore the use of informatics in nursing research and how clinical decision support systems impact nursing care.
  3. Analyze leadership and collaborative practice strategies that foster mutual respect and shared decision making.


Part 1) Think if a nursing diagnosis that interests you. Then, conduct an internet search using your chosen nursing diagnosis as the search topic. Locate at least three internet resources that pertain to your topic, then review the sites and write a three or four sentence summary of each that includes the following:

  1. Appropriateness of content
  2. Reliability of content (sources cited within site, anecdotal vs. evidence-based practice)
  3. Links included within the website.

Part 2) Locate three internet-based Cancer screening tools that could be included in an HER, such as EPIC or Connect Care

  1. In your own words, how will clinical decision support systems improve outcomes for a patient diagnosed with cancer?
  2. What would be the benefits of including reminders for cancer screening for healthcare providers and to patients (such as the sepsis screening tool that pops up in EPIC or Connect Care)


See attached below for instructions detail and  Assignment Grading Rubric