MUI standards.

DescriptionMUI standards.



1er paragraph: Although the standards put forth by the Meaningful Use initiative are a good place to start, why are these initiatives not enough to advance best practices in all settings? What else is needed?

2nd paragraph: Give the opinion about:

Meaningful use initiative tends to flaw by not being enough to advance best practices in all settings because of their specificity and lack of flexibility to use in all settings. This is to say, meaningful use initiative describes the specific standards defined by the government to apply to electronic health records (EHR), defining the exchange of data between parties involved in the healthcare sector such as healthcare providers, insurers, and patients, among others. Although these minimum requirements seem like a good place to start, there are some areas in healthcare settings that are not enough to advance and improve healthcare provision. For instance, during day-to-day operations, parties involved in the healthcare setting might face a different situation from the one defined in the MUI standards. This tends to create a complicated situation that makes it challenging to apply the MUI standards. To help with this, the MUI standards should be flexible to help in providing options that are applicable in all healthcare settings to improve healthcare outcomes.

Another reason for the flaw in the application of MUI in all settings is the lack of clinicians in the definition of the standards. This tends to make it challenging to create unison between the parties involved. In such a situation, it is essential to involve all parties to help in the definition of standards. Taking clinicians as one of the parties involved, it is vital to encourage engagement and innovation of clinicians. Lastly, it is essential to educate all parties involved on the MUI and use it to better healthcare. Education can help in understanding everything to do with the initiative, thereby increasing its success rate.