my Signature Theme Report produced the following results: Communication

After completing the assessment, my Signature Theme Report produced the following results: Communication, Relator, Individualization, Consistency, and Strategic. When I first saw the themes presented, I was a little skeptical at first but after reading the detailed descriptions I felt like it made a lot of sense and mirrored a lot of what I had already thought about myself.

A core value that I would like to continue to strengthen would be the value of acceptance. One of my top five themes was relator which explained that I have a comfortability with gravitating towards people I already know and building relationships from there. I don’t have issues with making new relationships, but I can see that sometimes I close myself off initially to embracing new ones. With acceptance, you have to understand that there are some situations you can control and some that you can’t but embracing the latter can lead to new experiences that could be beneficial (Riley, 2021). Another core value that I would like to improve upon would be calmness. This fits in well with my theme of consistency. While I am a firm believer of things being fair and consistent, I can get easily upset when things don’t balance out like they are expected to. I know that working on being calm in tense situations will help me adapt easier when things don’t always work out as they should.

One of the strengths that I would like to embrace fully and continue to improve upon is communication. It was no surprise to me that communication was at the top of my list for my themes. When I am in a position of leadership at work, I make it a priority to keep my staff updated on everything that is going on for that night and it is something I expect from my charge nurse when I am working the floor also. A communicator is only effective when they are aware of their style of communicating and how others perceive or respond to it (Marshall & Broome, 2021). As a communicator I know that I can always work on how I communicate non-verbally and with body language especially. The other strength that I would like to continue to work on is of being strategic. The report explained that the strategic theme fit me because I am able to sort through the clutter and find the best route when I am trying to accomplish something. I really believe this about myself because when I have a task I need to accomplish, whether I am in a leader position or not, I will break everything down and reorganize it to make sure I have come up with the best solution. I feel like the best way to do something is the way that makes it concise and without a lot of excess getting in the way.

A characteristic of mine that I would like to strengthen would be that of instinct. My theme of individualization points out that I have an instinct about others and how they work and function. I have always felt that I easily read people and can get a sense of who they truly are and for example in the workplace how they are as a staff member. Strong leaders have good instincts and know when to listen to their gut and not always rely on data and reports (Crampton, 2018). I want to continue to use as instinct as a tool when in a position of leadership. Another characteristic I would like to continue to improve is that of being a listener. With communication being my top theme, it is apparent I value open and honest communication. When being the leader this goes both ways. I would like to always strive to be just as good a listener for those who need that as I am the communicator. I want people to feel like they can always come to me with concerns and know that I hear them.