NMBA standards and/or 



Written Critique of the care provided in a Case Study according to a Clinical Practice Guideline to improve patient care

Students to provide an 1800-word critique of a provided case study scenario inline with relevant elements of a selected clinical practice guideline (CPG) upholding

• NSQHSS and/or

• NMBA standards and/or

• Palliative Care standards

Length and/or format: 1800 words +/- 10%

please see  unit outline page 9 for assignment detail

please see page 19 for rubric detail

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG’s) for task 2


Please select ONLY ONE CPG to critique and discuss the care provided to Frank in the Case Scenario found in the Green Booklet above


  • Read the Unit Outline and Rubric carefully
  • All Criterion in the rubric provide clear guidelines on how to proceed
  • There are three guidelines below, two are correct and relate to this scenario whilst ONE DOES NOT  please choose a guideline and consider if it suits this specific case study
  • Review and Critique the CPG in line with Frank’s case study, could his experiences in the Palliative care unit been different if one of these guidelines was followed more closely?  Provide additional peer reviewed evidence to support why or why not?
  • Is the guideline that you selected a strong one, or could it be strengthened please critique and discuss

please see there are three guideline attached