Re: Topic 1 DQ 2

The reason nurses educate their patients about health promotion is to encourage behavioral changes. Encouraging behavioral changes lead to healthier lifestyles with fewer hospital visits (GCU, 2018). The health promotion of exercising in patients with coronary artery disease will help maintain and even improve health. Pender’s Health Promotion Model defines health as a positive dynamic instead of thinking of it as the absence of disease. The model uses self-efficacy to promote patient compliance. Patients can be instructed on the benefits of exercise and have a counseling program (Karatas & Polat, 2020). Some barriers that can affect a patient’s ability to learn to include the patient’s readiness to learn. If a patient is not ready to learn they will not be receptive to any advice. Patients can have environmental, physical, or mental barriers to learning or change. These barriers need to be assessed and removed before learning can begin (GCU, 2018).

Karataş, T., & Polat, Ü. (2020). Effect of nurse-led program on the exercise behavior of coronary artery patients: Pender’s Health Promotion Model. Patient Education and Counseling.

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