Nursing Informatics knowledge

Please download and complete the Week 8: AACN The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education Essential IV: Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology Competencies Self-Assessment.
Click here to access the NUR4870 Nursing Informatics_Week 8 AACN BSN Self-Assessment  NUR4870 Nursing Informatics_Week 8 AACN BSN Self-Assessment – Alternative Formats

Please complete this Self-Assessment prior to answering the questions below. Please respond to the competencies honestly based on your experience, skills, and the new knowledge you acquired in this class. This is not a graded assignment, it is a self-assessment of your competencies. Read each competency and place a √ or an X in the column you feel best describes your level of competency for each of the AACN BSN Essentials competencies. Please do not leave any competency blank. Please attach your Self-Assessment to your initial post.

  1. In your initial response post, please evaluate your Week 8 Self-Assessment score and compare it to your Self-Assessment score from Week 1.
    • Please share your results with the class. How much did you improve? Identify the competencies in which you improved your strengths.
  2. How will you apply these competencies and the new information you learned for continued improvement in Nursing Informatics knowledge in your clinical practice? Please provide examples from the concepts you learned in this course.
  3. Identify which competencies you feel you need to continue to improve. Explain the actions you will take to improve your competencies.
  4. How has technology assisted and supported you during your nursing education? As a lifelong learner, how will technology support your future educational endeavors and participation in professional nursing organizations?
  5. What are your overall thoughts on the technology we have in health care today that you learned about in this course over the past eight weeks?
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