NYC Neighborhood Profile Paper Template

NYC Neighborhood Profile Paper Template

Can you help me with these questions by using East New York, Brooklyn?

DIRECTIONS:  After you’ve done your research on a neighborhood on the NYC DOHMH site (, type your answers to the following questions directly into the text boxes.  You may include an unlimited amount of text in the boxes, but make sure your responses (in total) do not exceed 3 pages.  When finished, save your document as a different file name.  You will then be able to upload your new file (with your answers) to Blackboard.

Identify the neighborhood and borough (please be sure to identify a neighborhood with at least one disparity in health outcomes when compared to NYC as a whole):

Describe the cultural context of the neighborhood, including background information on its physical location and its residents as it relates to this health profile (e.g., age, sex, race, immigration status, other SES data, etc.):

Summarize the following health data about the neighborhood:

Asthma & the Environment:

Climate & Health:

House & Health:

Outdoor Air & Health:

Overall Community Health:

What disparities exist in the above health data when compared to NYC health outcomes?


What are the potential determinants of these disparities (be sure to identify all potential biological/physical, environmental, social/behavioral, and/or others)?


What are possible potential interventions for addressing the determinants of these disparities (be sure to consider multiple levels of influence [e.g., individual, interpersonal, community, institutional/organizational and/or public policy] as well as primary, secondary and/or tertiary level interventions)?


What are your concluding thoughts on this neighborhood and the current health status of its residents?