: Observation and Guidance




Assignment objectives –By completing this assignment students will be able to

  • Apply information learned in Chapter 9 (Planning the Physical Environment: Indoors) about typical centers in an early childhood settings, consider physical indoor space, and select equipment and materials.
  • Observe and recognize guidance in a variety of contexts within early childhood settings (Chapter 6)

Assignment Introduction:

Normally, students will conduct an observation of children ages 1 to 5 in an early childhood educational setting. Because of the COVID-19 situation, the assignment has to be modified.

PART I: Observation and Guidance (Chapter 6) (max points: 20)

Watch the video below.

https://youtu.be/iDg2hR1FPgA (Links to an external site.)

Write an analysis and opinion on what took place during your observation. Look for specific incidents, dialogues, or activities that interest you and provide adequate details.


  1. Observation: Describe what you’ve observed the child(ren) and the teacher(s) do.
  2. Analysis and opinion: Write an analysis of the situation and your opinion on what took place. (Review Chapter 11, PP. 310 to 313 on Observation in Early Childhood Settings.)
    A. Which developmental aspects you learn from this class, or other child development courses you’ve taken, do you observe in the video?
    B. Which guidance aspects described in Chapter 6 or described in other chapters do you observe in the video?
    C. Are there any techniques that would you do differently in applying the lesson plan if you were the teacher? Explain why.
    D. What specific technique that the teacher(s) did that you think is a good strategy?
    E. What new information did you learn from this observation?

In working on this final observation project, make sure you apply critical thinking: think about similarities or differences, pros and cons, or patterns if any. Ask yourself questions and be curious as you’re conducting your observation. Try to find the answer to your curiosity. Let this be another of YOUR best work.

PART II: Planning the Physical Environment: Indoors (Chapter 9) (max points: 10)

Kindergarten classroom

Scenario: You have just been given a budget of $500 to update one of the centers in your classrooms.

  1. Choose one center that you want to update: art center, manipulative center, literacy center, block center, housekeeping center, dramatic play center, the music center, or discovery/science center.
  2. Choose equipment and supplies you want to purchase using the budget you’re given. Provide the following information: picture (or link) to the equipment and supplies you purchased. Make sure you don’t exceed your budget (don’t worry about calculating for taxes, but please include any installation fee to the equipment if needed).
  3. Explain why you choose this center and why you choose to purchase this equipment or materials for the center.

Kindergarten classroom


Explanation & Answer length: 500 words