olphin Breath Meditation





On one level, this Learning Activity is designed to raise your awareness about what relaxation techniques may/may not work for you. On another level, this activity is here to raise your awareness about what you believe is good for other people and why. A small step to deepening your knowledge of what belongs to you. For this second Learning Activity, you will need your textbook, your workbook. Make sure to refer to the syllabus or LA2 assignment for the requirements Learning Activities since this is a formal written assignment. It is also posted at the bottom of this assignment for ease as well. You do have a choice on either a formal written assignment format OR a video. The video must follow the requirements outlined in the Discussion Board Protocol in length, etc.

Your Learning Activity paper will have two parts.

PART 1) The focus of the first part of your paper is for you to reflect on how relevant and effective each of the three exercises you choose to do is for you.

PART 2) For the second part of the paper you will shift your focus away from yourself and towards other people. In the second part of the paper, you will discuss what population or group of people you believe would benefit from each exercise of the three exercises you completed and why.


  • Don’t forget to cite all your sources — even if that source is a workbook or textbook. This is also a formal writing assignment.
  • APA formatting and formal grammar are required. 
  • Remember to refer to “how to do well on assignments” for clarification.
  • Submit on canvas in word (doc) or pdf. or jpeg. format, please.
  • Note = Turnitin is on for you to view your submission and double-check plagiarism, etc. I encourage you to submit it early to see what Turnitin says then you can fix it and upload the polished version. I will only grade to the most recent submission. 

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Part 1: For Learning Activity you will again be using The Art of Peace and Relaxation Workbook.

Choose & Complete each of the 3 exercises. 

  • IV.A – The Art of Calm: Relaxation Through the Five Senses
  • 19.1 – Too Much Information
  • 18.1 – Dolphin Breath Meditation
  • 23.2 – Self-Massage
  • 25.1 – Progressive Muscular Relaxation
  • 28.5 – My Body’s Rhythms

After you complete the three exercises, analyze the effectiveness of each one of the three exercises as they relate to you by addressing the following prompts within your formal written paper:

  1. What motivated you to choose these three over the other choices offered?
  2. Describe your experiences with the three exercises (feelings, what was it like to do the exercise, what did you learn, how will you use it, etc)?
  3. Now — make connections back to the stressors you have been working on this semester: Looking back at Learning Activity 1 and your PSMJ entries, which personal stressor(s) would each of these exercises be most effective in reducing? Why?
  4. Finally, describe how the exercises are/are not useful for you?

Be sure to include all the information about the workbook exercises in your paper when citing and on the reference page: the title, page number, purpose, and the (abbreviated) results for each exercise. *Remember — the workbook is a source and so is your textbook! You will need to cite and reference in APA these appropriately.

page divider image.jpg Part 2: 

For the second part of the Learning Activity assignment, consider what specific groups of people might benefit from each of the three exercises you chose. Although these exercises might benefit most people in general, you need to think more deeply about exactly who might really benefit, how they would benefit, and why.

  • Use the same three exercises as you did in the first part.
    • Except, now you will be analyzing each exercise in terms of effectiveness for a specific group of people. (For example, a specific group/population would be: First-generation college students attending TWU) .
  • Discuss what ¨specific population(s)/group(s) of people you believe would particularly benefit from each exercise.
    • Why would this group benefit and How would they benefit?
    • What is it about each exercise makes it a good choice for the population/group?
    • How do you know this?
    • What more do you need to know about this in order to be sure about your beliefs? Support your beliefs with a well reasoned and detailed rationale.

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