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Deliverable 2 – Organizational Chart

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  1. Competency
    Explain the complexity of organizational systems and their impact on healthcare delivery.Student Success Criteria
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    You have been hired as a consultant for a large healthcare organization. In your role, you have been tasked with examining the current organizational structure at the micro, meso, and macro levels, including the impact on healthcare delivery.As you develop your plans, you will reflect how these roles individually and collectively influence the ability of the organization to deliver high quality client services.The roles and titles of people working in the three levels of systems may vary. A brief definition of each is offered to clarify the contributions of leaders at each level.

    • Micro system: This is the point of contact with the client or customer. In the health care setting the micro level may be a specific unit. Roles of those in the micro system include all that come in contact with the client and the manager of the unit or department.
    • Meso system: This level reflects a collection of micro systems, such as a Surgical Services Department including multiple units. The meso level aims to group and coordinate similar micro system levels of service.
    • Macro system: This level is a larger scale of groups and departments typically more at the administration level.
    • Nursing Hierarchy
      Nursing heirarchy
    • Macro Level: Vice President of Nursing Services
    • Potential Titles: Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President of Nursing, Director of Nursing Services.
    • Meso Level: Program Manager
    • Potential Titles: Department Head, Service Manager, Director.
    • Micro Level: Unit Manager
    • Potential Titles: Bedside Nurse, Unit Nurse, Unit Manager, Change Nurse.
    • Instructions
    • Research a healthcare organization and include their mission statement, vision, or philosophy in your memo.
    • Describe how the organization’s mission, vision, and philosophy influence the expectations of leaders at the three system levels: micro, meso, and macro.
    • Describe how nursing leaders in each of these levels of the organization’s operations address health care delivery goals.
    • Describe nurse leaders at the micro, meso, and macro level of the organization including a discussion of how these three levels may integrate to improve outcomes.
    • Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.
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