Outpatient Rehab facility

Creating an organization: Outpatient Rehab facility (occupational, physical and speech therapy) in the united states. Must use text book as well as outside information for posts.

  • Post 2: Read chapter one of the course textbook and use its concepts to discuss why the outpatient rehab organization was formed. In general, this post should focus on what current challenges will it help solve, and what opportunities exist for the organization (from an overall healthcare landscape). However, there should be far more detail provided than just answering the above questions.
  • Post 3: Use this slide to discuss the history of organizations similar to yours. Try to especially focus on the following concepts from chapter 2: how data analytics will be used by your organization, project management, and your organization’s performance improvement philosophies. (Outpatient Rehab Facility organizations in the US please)
  • Should be at least 200 word long but no longer than 500.
  • The posts should be grammatically correct.
  • Students should specifically cite (in APA format) where information was borrowed from the course textbook (page numbers should be included with each citation) or any other credible source.
  • There should be at least two additional external sources (in addition to the course textbook) referenced (not two per post but just two more across all 17). External sources beyond two are welcome and encouraged.
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