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HIM 2214 SNHU Pathophysiology & Pharmacology for Health Information Pneumonia Report

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HIM 2214

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I’m working on a health & medical project and need support to help me study.


I have my final project for my Pathophysiology & Pharmacology class and need help with my papers: Complete your record inaccuracies identification and submit your completed patient record analysis. You should incorporate feedback from the course. To be sure you have completed all of the required elements of the final project, use theĀ Final Project Checklist.

7-3 Final Project Submission: Patient Record Analysis. Please read the guidelines and rubric before you begin writing. Use the feedback from previous milestone submissions. When composing, follow the “Prompt” in the guidelines. There are 3 required sections:

Section 1 – Patient History

Section 2 – Recent Visit Analysis

Section 3 – Identification of Inaccuracies

Attach are all the necessary documents for this paper