pharmaceutical industry




Watch the documentary Prescription Thugs (2016).

Read the seven (7) attached articles found in the Module: Week 6. As part of your discussion, answer the following questions:

  • Compare and contrast the information presented in all four articles.
  • Do you think our society has undergone a cultural shift?
  • Did the documentary give you a different perspective on the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Did the documentary affect how you feel towards the “disease of addiction” and toward addicts?
  • What culpability do we as pharmacists have in proliferating this public health problem?
  • What creative solutions do you propose over and above what has already been implemented?
  • How would you respond to a question posed by a patient who had watched the documentary regarding its accuracy?

In addition, discuss the overall “level of evidence” for the conclusions made in all of the materials used in four (4) Analytical Discussions. What do you feel is the most valuable or important results from this type of scientific inquiry?


Explanation & Answer length: 500 words