Pharmacist in the Popular Press

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Read the article, The Public Image of the Pharmacist in the Popular Press AND view the short video, The Pharmacist 1946 Vocational Guidance Films, (The Pharmacist 1946 Vocational Guidance Films; Druggist Career Opportunities


The Public Image of the Pharmacist in the Popular Press by R. A. Buerki

Pharmacy In History 1996;38(2):62-78

Copyright 1996 American Institute of the History of Pharmacy

Link for short video: 1

As part of your discussion, answer the following questions:

  • How has the pharmacists’ image been portrayed over time?
  • What did you read that surprised or shocked you the most?
  • The short video was an accurate representation of what pharmacists did nearly 75 years ago. What did you like about the roles portrayed? Would you still be interested in being a pharmacist if the profession had not changed so significantly?
  • What can be learned from the past public perceptions of our profession to help our image in the future? Be specific.

You are encouraged to look at additional current references from the literature (which you must properly cite) to support your points. Limit your initial post to no more than 500 words.


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