Pharmacology Medical Terminology

Pharmacology Medical Terminology Corner Each chapter of the text includes medication information related to that system. Pain medications are included. The medical term for pain medication is analgesic. There are several categories of analgesics, all with potential side effects and most with abuse potential. Opiate abuse is a topic you likely are hearing about regularly and is a top priority in the provision of health care. In 1970, a controlled substance act was created using “schedules” to designate the danger of the medication.

Watch the following video: Drug Schedules & Controlled Substances 

Analyze controlled substance and the medications included.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

 Using a simple chart outline what types of each medication would be included in each the four levels (level 1 has no medicinal use)

 Include the controls established for each level

 Share, if you are comfortable, experiences with any of the levels

 As a healthcare professional what will your role be in assuring the safety of patients using these medication?

 Cite any references. At all times proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Copy and pasting is not allowed. Always use your own words.