PICO Question Development

Week Six PICO Question Discussion

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  • Demonstrate the interrelationship between theory, research and evidence-based practice.
  • Apply ethical principles in the conduct of research and evidence-based nursing practice.


  • Components of evidence-based practice
  • Development of PICO question

Dang & Dearholt: Chapters 3-5

Discussion- 50 points

Complete Johns Hopkins Nursing Online Evidence Based Practice Course Modules 2 and 3. Complete Modules 4&5.

You can use this tool to help you develop your PICO question It can take you through the process to develop a good PICO question.  NOT: It is not unusual to revise as you proceed in the following weeks while searching for your evidence.  . Appendix B Question Development Tool.docx.  Preview the document    DO NOT SUBMIT THE TOOL

Note: completion of modules is vital to your success in these assignments.

PICO Question Development

Discussion- PICO Question.  You will post by day 4 and reply to one other student by day 7.  Develop your PICO question.  The question must focus on a nursing issue that nurses can propose and make changes in nursing practiceConsider an issue that is actually on your current unit and practice.

Why did you determine this specific one?  What supports your decisions?  What search terms do you propose using?

What databases will you use and why? What search terms will you use for your searches? Reply to two other students.

NOTE: Your EBP Project and paper should be on a nursing clinical practice topic of interest in your clinical environment.  Issues like staffing levels/ ratios, building a unit, purchasing equipment that is costly are beyond the scope of this course.  to be part of the PICO NURSING question. A PICO question that requires physician/ provider orders/ medications. Lab tests ,etc is NOT nursing and not acceptable

See Appendix B in Dearholt and Dang as a potential framework to development of your PICO question.

It is strongly recommended that you use FSW library only and focus searches on CINAHL and PROQUEST nursing databases. Other databases include OVID and Medline(Fulltext)

Would prefer this to be related to somebody in regards to patient falls.