Policy Analysis and Development

cPolicy Analysis and Development

You are in a health care policy internship program in a Senator’s office in Washington, D.C. The Senator wants to develop policy that requires all health care organizations that receive federal funds to implement the recommendations presented in the Institute of Medicine reports on quality care. You will develop a policy, so that it can become proposed legislation. To do so, you must collect data, describe the problem, solutions and related ethical issues, examine the cost-benefit analysis, identify stakeholders (such as lobbyists from American Hospital Association, health care providers, health care corporations, pharmaceuticals, insurers, etc.), and impact. Based on this information, you will create a policy description that will be the foundation for a bill.

  • Work through the simulation.
  • Answer all questions. Write the policy description. Submit and save the assessment.
  • Save as “Policy_Analysis_andDevelompmentYourName” word document.
  • Click on the Learnscape: Policy Analysis and Development assignment link to submit your word document.

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