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Darline Ward

Discuss why an understanding of the evolution of quality in health care is important for you, as a future HCA.

Quality defined. by the Institute of Medicine: states that “The degree to which Healthcare Services for Individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professionals knowledge” and further clarifies the Concept of quality which includes the following: Safety, effectiveness, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable, and freedom from accidental injuries while providing medical care ( Lorh 1990, 21).

Since Early 1970 Avedis Donabedian’s work influenced defining and measuring quality. Two Components that he stressed affects quality and helps to measure it, technical and Interpersonal.  Both relate to providing patient care. In 1980, he identified three essentials that equate and identify ways to measure quality:

  • Process of Care–   Established relationships and the activities and quality of care that are exchanged between Healthcare Practitioners and patients.
  • Structure: in relation to the Resources, environment and the quality of performance in the organization by its healthcare professionals.
  • Outcomes: The culmination of all these elements, allows the relationships to function to produce desired results of Structure, Process and its outcomes and ultimately contribute to the desired patient care by making the patient experience memorable.

All Healthcare Managers, depending on the level of management, acquire the Responsibility of managing an organization; coordinate its budget, operations, clinical professionals, non- professionals and technical professionals. They must be carried out to ensure that the entire organization operates and functions on a daily basis. Including whatever improvements the organization may need. Quality is not just something that a person does, but it is how they go about accomplishing the task, which can be measured and identified the quality by how they were performed and whatever task that is being performed.