*Grading Rubric Included*

Development of a Fall Prevention Program: Safety for elders is always an overriding concern for healthcare delivery agents since without a safe environment the elder will be injured and therefore their health will decline. Considering the environment and the lack of safety could potentially result in a fall. Fall prevention programs are always being developed for the safety of the elder in different environments. The following assignment will enlighten you as to the elements of a good, evidence-based fall prevention program.Instructions:

  1. You will be taking information that is already established and through the use of critical thinking, you will research and develop a fall prevention program for any facility in South Florida (Miami, FL) of your choice. The name of the Fall Prevention Program will be developed by yourself.You will be given the latest industry clinical standards, that are based on evidence-based evidence such as studies and using at least (3) references(no older than 3 years.) APA style essay 3-5 pages excluding title page and reference page.
  2. Furthermore, the project will develop:
    1. how to institute the program
    2. the goals and interventions (such as resources needed, training required and how much it will cost)
    3. a marketing plan
    4. an estimated cost
  3. Due to the need to integrate the program into the corporate structure of the institution, you will also need to plan how to present it to the Administrative team with items such as initial rollout, benefit to the institution and the cost which should be nominal so that you will be able to sell it to the A-Team.

The following information should be included:

1. Is this a Nursing Home, SNF, Hospital, etc? Select: ________________________________

2. Name of Facility: ____________________________________________________________

3. Name of Corporation: (if needed): ______________________________________________

4. Name of Falls Program: _______________________________________________________

A. Describe three evaluation methods and their purpose.

B. Intervention list: Name at least five (5) interventions that will help reduce the number        of falls. Remember interventions should all be evidence-based and a product of real     research from a peer-reviewed journal article(s).

C. Training list: List some of the training that may be needed. (eg, patient, healthcare     professionals, administration?)

D. List some of the items you will need to initiate and keep the program running. (eg signs,    socks, alarms, etc.). Be specific

E. The estimated cost of the program: Be realistic and remember money is precious in any       facility. Also, you will need to present this as a proposal to the Administration.

F. Finally the benefit or Goals of the program. Be specific (SMART)

Again you are presenting this as a proposal to Administration, so make it desirable. You also want to be very clear about the creation of this program. You cannot present a proposal to administration for half a million dollars when you have not described how you will spend the money, or worse, you are just guessing how much it will cost.

****Attached are some included knowledge/resources/scenarios or case studies to review****