In your last entry, you identified and discussed one of your personal stressors you would like to work on. Now for this PSMJ 3, you will be creating a small, 1-week plan to manage your chosen stressor, complete the plan, and write about how your plan works or does not work. There are three parts to this project. The first part is the planning part, the second part is implementing your plan, and tracking by taking notes, etc. The third part is writing up your experience. I have also created this assignment in word format so you can work through the steps in the word format then detail/paste your completed info. Make sure to work through all 6 pages of details. Then, make sure to delete and paste your information as you go so that way when it is complete and time to turn it in, you can upload all your work onto the one-word document.

Below are all parts described as well as what exactly you will be turning in. This project is a three-week project so please make sure you balance your time accordingly. Here is a timeline for each part below:

Part 1 Create a Stress Management Plan (Take from 3/22 – 3/28)

Part 2. Put Your Plan Into Action for 1-week: (Take from 3/29 – 4/4)

Part 3. Formally written reflective summary paper/video: (Take from 4/5 – 4/11 to write up)

Stress Management Book Link: