Public Health Nursing Practice

Competency Reflection on CollaborationThe sixth Henry Street Consortium Entry-Level Public Health Nursing Competency utilizes collaboration to achieve public health goals. Reflecting on the collaboration involved in an activity of your choice, complete a reflection on the competency number six (“Utilizes collaboration to achieve public health goals”). Describe a public health activity that reflects how you have achieved the public health nurse competency and describe an artifact that you select that represents your learning. Examples of artifacts include completed assignments, pamphlets that explain a public health program, or a picture of the public health activity.Your reflection should be completed on the Public Health Nursing Competency Reflection Template, be 600-1000 words, and should include the following information: Information about the Artifact and the Activity Completed:

  • State how the public health activity relates to the competency.
  • Briefly describe the public health activity.
  • Identify your artifact and describe how it is representative of this activity and competency.

Reflection on Individual Learning and Professional Growth

  • Discuss your learning and professional growth in the context of this particular activity and its relationship to the competency.
  • Explain what aspects of this experience, process, or product were most useful to you in your nursing practice.
  • Recommend potential changes or improvements in this activity to help it fulfill the competency more thoroughly.
  • Explain how your learning will contribute to your future nursing practice, including your plans for growth and learning related to the competency.

Connect the Activity to Public Health Nursing Practice

  • Reflect on how the activity connects to the population-based public health nursing practice.
  • Explain a minimum of three and no more than six interventions from the Public Health Nursing Intervention Wheel and describe the level –systems, community, individual/family of practice.
  • Name the Level(s) of Prevention that this activity covered. Give evidence to support this.

Some Example Stems for Reflective Writing:

  • This (name activity) shows my growth because……
  • If I could do this (identify what it is) over, I would change…..
  • This (activity) gave me new insights into my collaborators because…..
  • This (activity) shows that I have more to learn about…..
  • This (activity) shows that I have met the competency…..
  • As a result of ….., I have learned how to…..

NOTE: The highest level of reflection involves self-evaluation, analysis of one’s impact on others, and labels experiences using population-based public health theory and knowledge