Race, Gender, and Poverty

COURSE: RPW: Race, Gender, and Poverty

Proposal Assignment:

I’m thinking to choose The Effects of Poverty on Child care. I will be attaching a sample of this work so that you will get an idea of the structure.

But if you want you can pick any of the topic listed below:

For this Proposal, consider choosing one of the following areas of focus—or a few of the following areas of focus that are closely related. Try focusing on formal systems such as education, health insurance, mortgage lending, or childcare. Consider examining laws passed by the state, local, or national governments—or rules implemented by government departments. 

Examine the policies or practices of lending institutions (such as credit card companies, mortgage lenders, pawnshops, and payday lenders). Scrutinize the policies and practices of local police departments, local courts, other government offices, data aggregators, state lotteries, local school districts, local businesses, local realtors, or landlords. Scrutinize local zoning ordinances, demographic shifts, patterns of conviction and sentencing, patterns of gentrification, or patterns of investment or disinvestment. How have state or local governments exercised the power of eminent domain? How have state and local governments implemented environmental policies? Which foods are least expensive, and why? What are the consequences of consuming those foods? What kinds of food are available in which neighborhoods, and why? Which powerful companies and industries receive subsidies and tax breaks? How do these laws, policies, or practices contribute to poverty? As stimulus measures and safety nets put in place for the pandemic vanish, how many families and individuals are at risk of falling below the poverty line, losing their jobs, going hungry, or being evicted?

What changes could you propose to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of the problem, thus reducing poverty?

Do not try to answer all of these questions or solve all of these problems. Instead, focus on one specific problem (or a few closely related problems). Write a Proposal that alleviates or solves the problem, thus reducing poverty.

Context: Provide background, history, and context regarding the problem that you are trying to solve and the changes that you are trying to make. What are the causes of the problem? What past attempts, if any, were made to solve it, and how successful were they? What are the consequences of the problem, and whom does it affect? What will happen if the problem isn’t solved? What are the benefits of solving the problem?

The proposal should is 7-10pages in length, not counting the cover page, author note, and abstract. (You do not need to provide your mailing address or phone number in your author note. 

The report must incorporate at least 10 sources that are relevant, accurate, and authoritative. In addition, your Proposalmust follow the format and documentation style of an APA research paper. You will not receive passing credit for your report if you do not use complete and accurate in-text citations and bibliography entries in the APA documentation style for all of your sources.


Be sure to report your

  • Findings
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Proposed recommendations

Sources: You must include at least 10 sources. Evaluate your sources and use authoritative, reliable, and accurate sources to support your arguments. You may critique or respond to unreliable or inaccurate information, though such sources will not count toward your 10 required sources. You may use news sources, but if the news source references a study, you must read and cite the study. Use some research studies from universities or other research centers. Also, use some investigative reports by journalists.