regional food practices



Introduction includes the:

· Purpose of the presentation

· Age group

· Cultural focus

Current Menu Analysis

Analyze menus based on the following criteria & Provide rationales for your analysis.


· Healthy/unhealthy menu selections

· Appropriate for nutritional requirements of age group

· Influence of cultural and regional food practices


· Does the menu selected provide adequate amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals?

· Over the course of a Lunch menu (Group Cronometer Report), are individuals provided with a balanced diet?

· Does this diet allow for differences in dietary patterns related to the culture or age group selected?

Create Sample Menu

Create a replacement menu providing healthier choices for each menu analyzed including the following:

· Age considerations

· Potential health concerns

· Cultural influences

· Regional patterns

· Nutritional components of your food choices

· Include two references that support your choices on the slides.