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According to study resources from GCY, Nursing practice is developed by the Board of Nursing (BON) and the American Nursing Association. Each state has specific regulations. While the BON has the authority to enforce the law, the ANA makes recommendations to the BON about implementing new nursing practices or improving implemented practices following the state’s nursing practice act. Together the two entities work to regulate the nursing practice and help passing laws to keep the public safe; the governor and community appoint the BON members in California. Nine members are serving, including nurses actively practicing.

The California ANA is a vital entity that has lobbied, and support laws implemented in the current nursing practice. In 1999 California became the first state to have a nurse-patient ratios law. The California unions are also part of the laws’ changes, and the nursing unions actively help protect practicing nurses. In 2005 the active governor, Schwarzenegger, filed a lawsuit against the California nurses’ associations to rid of the nursing-patients laws; after two years, the governor did not pursue the case. California nurses stay united to protect and advocate safe patient care.

In my current area of practice, the Emergency room. The strong presence of entities as the Emergency nursing association (ENA) gives us the tools and outlines of updated evidence-based practices. It is crucial in nursing’s daily routine in such a fast and critical setting. Patient ratios help give more time and attention to each patient; however, at times, each patient’s acuity can go from being stable and alert to non-responsive, and these laws help us in the ER adjust to adjust the needs of the patient safely. Another law that impacts the ER is outlined in Title XII about floating outside the area of expertise; to float to another location, according to Title XII, the nurse needs to have the training and show competency in the area before floating. This is a key in patient safety.

Nurses are responsible for knowing our scope of practice, laws, regulations, protocols, resources available, and policies and procedures; this is part of patient care.

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