Response 1

Death brings life to end while dying is the process of getting close to death depending on the actions and choices of the process. Indeed death is meaningful in various aspects. Death encourages us to accomplish some goals in life because we know at some point we will die. If people would live for eternity, they would never accomplish anything in life (Oates & Maani, 2020). Death makes individuals compete against time and do meaningful things on earth because everybody wants to leave a legacy. Death is a great motivator for humankind, and without it I believe the world today would be very poorer than it is.

Many death cases happen between 0-5 years and old people from 70 years and above. Countries with poor healthcare such as Somalia and Yemen experience high death rates because of a lack of advanced technology when it comes to medical treatment. Technology in the medical field has significantly increased human life span (Warraich, 2017). However, it has influenced the dying process because it has its weakness or side effects.  While medical technology has positively influenced the dying process by making it less painless it can also be argued that a negative side effect is prolonging it and sometimes complicating it by giving hope where there is none and turning the society into a death denying one (Wiencek & Fontaine, 2017)

The difference between death and dying is that one can live his/her entire life dying but death happens only once. Death is an eternal feeling whereas dying happens frequently in our lives. Death is the end of someone’s existence while dying is the process of a gradual change towards death. Dying is a process whereas death is an outcome.

I believe good death is when one dies after accomplishing his dreams and goals in life and should always occur at a very old age (Meir et al, 2016). The peaceful death that occurs while asleep is better compared to the one that happens because of an illness. In my culture, a good death is one where you go peacefully without any ailments including both physical and psychological and have spawned successful children. On an anecdotal note, your success in life is often judged by how huge and elaborate the wake keeping party thrown after your death by your children and family is