, short staffing,

opic 1 DQ 2

There are different nursing problems and I would discuss the problem of compensation. When it comes to nurse compensation, regional differences are to be expected based on cost of living, workplace violence, short staffing, long working hours and workplace hazard. One of the common problems observed is the constant floating of nurses from one unit to the other. Positively, intermittent floating could be as a result of further professional development, increase in expertise, and educational advancements. Speaking from the perspective of nursing home setting because majority of nurses want to work with same patient and in same unit for consistency of care also considering nurse to patient ratios, skill mix of experienced nurses versus new graduates, lack of support from management, inadequate staffing, lack of decision making on implementation of new processes, workplace culture, and pay with benefits (Dawson, Stasa, Roche, Homer, & Duffield, 2014). Nursing is a very stressful and physically demanding job, nurse’s burnout which is a physical, mental, and emotional state caused by chronic overwork and a sustained lack of job fulfillment and support. Common burnout symptoms may include physical or emotional exhaustion, job-related cynicism, and a low sense of personal accomplishment (Dawson, Stasa, Roche, Homer, & Duffield, 2014). Nurses sometimes pass out at work. As confirmed by a study, that nurses who have same patients or who work in same assignment have a higher rate of job satisfaction, less likely to make medical errors and are less likely to leave a job Researching nurses floating and ways to improve it will help retain nurse and increase the quality of care given to our patients. With high floating rates, patients may not be receiving top quality care due to lack of retention and lack of experienced nurses. Researching ways to retain nurses in same assignment such as hiring more nurses, enhanced training for new graduate nurses, increased staffing resources, and opportunity for involvement in decision making processes will help increase the quality of care provided to patients, increase patients’ compliance because seeing same or familiar nurses builds patient-nurse relationship thereby increasing patients compliance and reduces nurses call outs, burn out from work (Dawson, et al., 2014).

Using 200-300 words APA format with references in support of this discussion.


Nursing research is used to study a dilemma or a problem in nursing. Examine a problem you have seen in nursing. Provide an overview of the problem and discuss why the problem should be studied. Provide rational and support for your answer.