OK, here we are – the end of the course and we’re ready to play for the big points. Your Marketing Plan should be submitted as ONE MS Word document with all the components you have worked on for the last six weeks. In addition to the components themselves, make sure you have a cover page and a table of contents.

You have seen this before, but you can Click Here to access the Project Plan document that will walk you step-by-step through what should be in your final submission. Be sure to submit your plan to Chalk and Wire – look for the little “Box and Down Arrow” symbol.

As the final step in your marketing plan, you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should be about 7-8 minutes long and cover all the major parts of your project.

The Presentation

A narrated presentation to the class not to exceed seven (7) minutes in length. You should assume that you are presenting your plan to a potential investor or lender – a professional business audience (think TV’s Shark Tank).

Keys to a successful presentation:

•           Professionally prepared slides

•           Presentation skills count – enunciation and correct pronunciation is important

•           Avoid background noise

•           Do not read the slides – tell your story

•           Be prepared for the discussion in Module 8 – your classmates will provide feedback on your presentation

Your slides should follow this format and sequence:

•           Cover slide which includes your name and project

•           You may have optional slide(s) with pictures or relevant images

•           Product description with FAB – 2-3 slides

•           SWOT  – 4 slides (one each factor)

•           Segmentation – 2 slides (one each segment)

•           Supply chain – 1 slide – should be similar to the chart in the written plan

•           IMC – will vary, but commonly 3-5 slides

•           Closing

•           Reference list – you are required to keep a list of all sources other than the course materials (text, module content, this guide) used to develop your plan.  Include these as your final slide.

Submit your Marketing Plan Presentation to the assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.