1. Formulate the Conclusion section of your selected topic.

This section should contain conclusive statements and recommendations for future research.

2. Post it.


Hook: The relationship between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder. 

Background Information: Autism and vaccines are now two very big problems in society because there are many articles and research about the relationship Autism has with vaccines. There are many parents who decide not to give their children vaccines and do not protect it because they think that they are going to create more problems if they give him vaccines and not only with autism but with other diseases such as his central system.

Problem Statement:  These are some of the searches that they are doing with much more frequency because there are many parents who no longer want to vaccinate their children and what they do is an extension through religion or they refuse. They are for almost all vaccines but there is one in particular that they say and it has not yet been scientifically proven that it is the one that develops autism, which is MMR.

Research Question:  Why do parents refuse to vaccinate without a scientific demonstration?

Hypothesis:  It may not be true that vaccines cause autism disorder, but out of 1000 children who get vaccinated, it may be one child who gets autism because vaccines are created with antibodies to take care of ourselves and children with more than 200 diseases.

Thesis Statement:  The reason for this research is that parents are well informed and protect their children and do not think that all vaccines can make their children sick.