stress Management Journa

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stress Management Journal-you need to pick either option 1 or 2Option 1

For a period of one week (7 days) you need to look at what causes you daily stress in your life and write them down. Examples of this stress could be:

  • Caught in traffic
  • Low test score
  • Relationship break up
  • Missing a car payment
  • Argument with a family member

Option 2

If during the course of the last few years (2012-20) you experienced an extremely stressful situation (i.e. job loss, a family member’s death, divorce, severe injury).  You can write about this situation and how you would apply the stress management techniques we learned in class to your situation.  The paper needs to follow the same requirements listed below for the stress management journal.

Journal instructions

  1. List your stressors and identify one stressor as your primary, most impactful stressor and explain the impacts of that stressor on your life. You also need to write down what type/s of stress management technique(s) or strategies you have used to reduce or solve the primary stress situation.
  2. The effects of the stress on you and those around you.
  3. Apply a technique we learned in class and comment on how it worked.
  4. The journal will be typed in times new roman font size 12, doubled spaced, numbered pages and should be 2-4 pages (500-1000 words) in length.
  5. It has to be typed on a word document and submitted via the assignments link in a word document.
  6. Some days may have short entries while others are much longer, it just depends upon the day.  The stress you list can be either major or minor stress.

question 2: assignment needs to be 250 words, Use MLA style, 12 times new roman font, doubled spaced, and cite your sources at the end of the work if you use any. Please submit your work using MS word.

Do some research online as well as using the notes to come up with five ways to improve your sleep.  What are they and how can these be accomplished?