The students will:

  1. Apply critical thinking through participation of selected topics
  2. Engage in thoughtful discourse with peers
  3. Incorporate topic discussion into clinical judgment and decision making within practice setting

Guidelines: The questions below should serve as a guide to formulating your posting. Don’t just answer the questions, create a narrative paragraph, 300 words at length.

  • Use 2-3 nursing references. Support you initial discussion with a professional nursing journal that is no more than 5 years old.

1. Use the following questions to assist in formulating your thoughts for this discussion. Describe a time spirituality was important in your life or in the life of someone you love or cared for (e.g., family member, friend or pet). Why was it meaningful in that situation? Include in the importance religious  or cultural practices or other reasons for it significance. .

2. What would you do if a patient asked you to pray with them or read the Bible or another holy book he/she might have at the bedside? How would this request make you feel? Would you experience any conflict if you were a different faith than the patient?  There is something called scripting which is having something written and memorized for difficult situations. Write a prayer or spiritual message you could use in the above situation