This week’s discussion

This week’s discussion

Please provide two suggestions, from the assigned reading materials and/or outside sources, for overcoming writer’s block. Also, provide three suggestions that you use to handle writer’s block.  Which of these has been most successful for you?

This week’s assignment

Prepare the Discussion section of your paper. Submit the entire document. However only the discussion section will be graded in this module. The discussion section should contain two to five paragraphs and should be a discussion of how the literature review impacts your topic. Go back to your thesis statement and be sure to clearly apply your literature review to your thesis statement. This is where you might choose to add practice examples.

Assignment Expectations

Length: 2-5 paragraphs for the Discussion

Structure: Submit with shell intact, complete the Discussion section and review and make corrections to the past sections

References: If any of the sources are used in the Discussion they are to be formatted in APA style citations in body of the text.

Discussion 400words

2 post replies 200 each

Assignment words see instruction

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