Culture Presentation

Topic: Culture (Country):  KOSOVO

Guidelines for Culture Presentation:

You will explore various cultures and examine the nurse’s role in caring for people of those cultures. The activity is meant to give an overview of different cultures and possible beliefs within the cultures. However, it is important not to stereotype or make assumptions about a person based on his or her culture.

Assigned a culture to explore: KOSOVO.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

CO #1 Discuss the professional nurse’s role in health promotion activities. (PO #1 & 2)

CO #3 Discuss health promotion, illness prevention, health maintenance, health restoration, and rehabilitation in relation to the nurse’s role in working with various populations. (PO #1 & 2)

CO #5 Identify effective communication with clients and other health care providers. (PO #3)

CO #7 Identify health promotion strategies throughout the life span. (PO #1 & 2)


1. Research assigned culture using books, websites, journal articles, or any other reputable source.

2. Prepare a brief presentation that includes the following information.

a. Communication practices (country: Kosovo).

b. Rituals/traditions (country Kosovo).


APA format (7th edition)

Powerpoint ( Slides 6 excluding reference slide and topic slide)

It is organized around required components; information flows in a logical sequence that is easy for the audience to follow.

Used APA format and cited sources correctly.All information taken from another source must be cited and listed on the Reference page using APA (APA 6th Ed.).


Thoroughly covers all required elements; demonstrates excellent understanding of material

All components included; information presented in a logical, interesting sequence that the audience can follow

APA format correct with no more than two errors; used at least five different sources, with at least two from primary sources

Used at least five different sources with at least two from primary sources