One of the topics of presidential interest has been the issue of affordable healthcare to all Americans. Presidents including Trump, Obama, and Bush were all into ensuring access to healthcare by all and sundry (, n.d.). Each successive candidates and winners had recommendations for universal healthcare coverage through different programs. One of such programs is the Medicare-for-all. Different successive presidents have variations to the program involving lowering Medicare eligibility age to 50 while retaining private insurance options. President Obama ensured healthcare coverage by building the Affordable Care Act to help Americans get better health (, 2020). The goal of each presidential candidates is to provide solutions to everyday problems faced with healthcare coverage, payment, and healthcare navigation (Phillips, 2019).

The focus of the Medicare-for-all program is to shift focus from the traditional coverage of people aged 65 and older to care for those under 65. The program aims to cover all Americans and residents including undocumented people and immigrants. It also aims to ban copays/deductibles as well as support the benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act. Irrespective of the presidents’ views, the topic of universal healthcare coverage continues to be a hot and debatable one.

What would I do differently? I would clearly state and emphasize on how to better help mental health patients. Mental health issues have been on for a long time and continues to plague our society. Mental health facilities are not adequately and properly staffed to handle the significantly increasing mental health patients. Due to lack of providers, care is not properly delivered, and patients choose to seek treatment from emergency rooms and hospitals just like any other sick/ill patients (Heath, 2019). We all know that specialists are needed to handle the case of mental issues and hospitalists as present in the emergency rooms and hospitals would not be able to deliver optimum care as required by the patients. The end product of improper treatment is more menace in the society leading to jail sentences. Every insurance should have mental health coverage to make care accessible to all (Heath, 2019). Affordable Care Act should be inclusive of coverage like mental health to make healthcare truly affordable.