Tracking Finances

Tracking Finances

This week we looked at the Revenue Cycle Management with an emphasis on tracking patient services, charges, payments and adjustments.  Your homework assignment is to complete three of the forms that you may use as a billing specialist.

There is a total of 87 entries for you to complete.  The assignment score will reflect the number of correct entries made.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

·  Download and open: Week 3 Homework. Follow the instructions to complete the work and submit the file as your homework assignment.

Part 1: Patient Ledger

Complete the patient ledger for the Ben Jones scenario provided in the homework word file.

Part 2: Daysheet

Use the additional forms and patient encounter forms to complete the daysheet portion of the homework word file for all four patients (Ben Jones, Ross Parker, Darla Sissle, and Amanda Chin.)

Ben Jones information scenario found on assignment file to include all 3 DOS (dates of service).

Encounter forms for all 3 patients: Ross Parker, Darla Sissle, Amanda Chin

Part 3: Insurance Claim Registry

Include an Insurance Claim Registry that includes the insurance claims for all four patients listed under Part 2.

Ben Jones – 3 entries

Ross Parker – 1 entry

Darla Sissle – 1 entry

Amanda Chin – 1 entry


Ø  Model the process for tracking finances in a medical office.

Ø  Interpret an encounter form and a chargemaster