two types of disasters as headers




There are distinct differences in managing an infectious disease disaster (e.g. influenza epidemic, bioterror attack) rather than a traumatic mass casualty incident (e.g. plane crash, mass shooting).

Your assignment is to create a table that outlines the differences you might find between the two types of events.  This may be created in Microsoft Word using the table function.  At the top, write the two types of disasters as headers.  Running down the left, place as many factors as you can think of.  Then fill in the table with the differences.

The list of factors should be at least 12-15.  Factors you might consider includes situations such as logistics, cost, volume of casualties, types of equipment needed, contamination considerations, etc.

Also, include the references used in constructing the table.

Make sure you flesh out your ideas in the table completely!!  One or two word answers will not count.