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Cultural & Linguistic Competency Health Disparities & Health Care Outcomes Discussion

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  1. Select and answer one of the following questions:
    1. In approximately 500 words discuss one of the 5 goals defined as Strategies for Reducing Health Disparities. Use 1 reference from your textbook and 1 reference from a peer-reviewed source.
    2. Goals:
      1. Awareness
      2. Leadership
      3. Health System and Life Experience
      4. Cultural and Linguistic Competency
      5. Data, Research, and Evaluation



  1. Please start your Discussion with the Question so people know what you are discussing.
  2. There is no specific word count, but 200-500 words are probably adequate.


20 Points possible

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4 Points – Utilizes APA formatting

4 Points – Clear and concise writing with no errors in grammar, spelling, or context.

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4 Points – Make a timely and appropriate secondary response. (see tips)