Watch the  video about a nursing situation developed by Montgomery College at . After viewing the video using the following mnemonic to address the nursing situation:

D – Describe the behavior

E – Explain the effect of the behavior

S – State the desired outcome

C – Consequence: say what will happen if the behavior continues

Some professionals prefer to memorize the keywords below at representing this model because it gives them a consistent structure to follow:

D   When . . .

E    I feel . . . because…

S    Therefore, I want/need …

C    So that …

Now in your discussion answer the following questions and answer at least one of your classmate’s posting.

  1. What emotions did you experiencing while watching the simulation?
  2. Did you believe that anger? Frustration? Disappointment? played a role in the disruptive behavior?
  3. What story do you think led to these emotions?
  4. What facts do you have that support this story?
  5. Can you retell this story using the evidence that you have?
  6. What information is missing?