Introduce yourself with a written response or a short video. For a written response you will click on start a thread. For a video you click on the arrow on the ribbon above (1st symbol on left side), the add a video note and follow the record directions. After posting your introduction, look at at least two of you classmates’ introductions and respond to them. Each response should be at least 100 words. Have the introduction posted by Sun (2/28) and the response to your peers by Wed. (3/3). If this is new to you and you need assistance please reach out to me.

Use the questions below to focus your introduction.

  • State the name you would like to be called. If you have a name that, in your experience people often mispronounce, please also include phonetic spelling.
  • Include some information about you! Anything you like to share, e.g, Why did you want to become a nurse? What type of nurse do you want to be? Do you work in the nursing field now? What is your favorite food? Do you have any animals?
  • How have you been keeping busy during the Quarantine? What is your favorite past time?
  • What do you look forward to learning in this course?